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Character Profile: Faye Whitefeather

Basic Information:

Name: Faye Whitefeather Shinro
Aliases/Nicknames: Iron Rose, Dead Rose, Cursed.

Gender: Female
Race: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown

Origin: Ether aka Limbo
Current Location: Classified.
Occupation: Classified.  


Supposed Date of birth: April 25 1959.
Supposed Place of Birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Unknown.

Mother: Andrea (presumed dead)
Father: Valex (presumed Dead)
Sisters: Jessie (alive); Nikia (alive)
Aunts: Taimatsu (alive)
Uncles: Reikan (alive), Radu (alive)

Physical Appearances:

Human: Black Halter top, dark wash jeans with tan moccasins or ankle high boots, depending on time of year can be seen wearing a black trench coat.

Hair: platinum blond
Eyes: Sapphire toned.
Skin: Slightly tanned, Native American.
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 190
Physical body shape: Average slightly muscular female; strong with flexibility and slight agility.
Markings: A few scars from various fights in her past. One tattoo marks her back taking up the center area near her spine; a very difficult flowered design with an arcane circle wrapping it.
Around neck: One distinctive Crystal cross with a sapphire center stone.
Earrings (both): cuffed earrings with silver leading chains w/ a feather connected to silver studs

Faye madness appearance:
Dark midnight blue one shoulder dress w/ front slits, black gladiator sandals that wrap the ankles.

Hair: slightly silver tone.
Eyes: an icy blue.

Overall Personality:

Faye is very cold, collected, and logical when it comes to strangers she shows very little emotional standing. Faye personality is based on the situations she is involved in; she tends to show a very deceiving and clever image with a strong image but inside Faye is a kind but deeply troubled individual her strong facade keeps others from getting to close. When Faye is with family or gets to close to a particular situation she can show both a vicious and kind nature but it has consequences that leave Faye with a bitter feeling of resentment and disgust.  

Beliefs: The truth is three sided, theirs no great reward without an even greater price, What we do now exist for all eternity. Etc.

Military Info:
Codename: Iron Rose
Rank: Classified
Weapons: Various guns, Sword combat and hidden weapons.
Affiliations: Unknown
Moral Alliance: Neutral
Abilities: Classified.
Specialties: Classified
Education: Mostly self-taught, Trained by various operatives.

Research and personal studies
Intellectual arguments
Various foods (especially loves to cook)
Manipulating others for information
Night walks and underground fighting (hosting and watching)
Training with her sister Jessie
Teasing her sister and aunt.
Listening to the rain.
Various types of Music.

Idiotic and annoying people
Weak fight/war tactics
Talking about operations, her past, or her curse.
Abuse of any kind
Being forced into a operation by blackmail.

Very well informed and focused.
Non-judgmental of People and creatures.

Manipulative and cold to others
Closed off to her own personal emotions.

Training with others
Reading and Art
Brewing and mixing her own teas and alcohols
Studying weapon specs
Playing the flute (when alone)

Personal Weakness:
Being emotional during Operations
Figuring out a way out of her current situation.

Being manipulated and captured by her enemies
Her sisters dying because of her
Letting true self being seen by anyone outside her family
Letting others down

Personal Goals:
Keeping the balance on earth.
Avenging her Fallen home world.
Getting out from under the governments thumb.
One day hoping for a family of her own.  

Back story/History:

Faye had a very happy, loving and intellectual up bringing before the war broke out. Faye parents and grandparents took great care to educate Faye in the various fighting, tactical and magical arts. During Faye happy youth she spend a good amount of time studying various books that were kept in her uncles and father libraries about the various worlds beyond that of her home. When war broke out Faye first obligation was to helping those who were injured in battle by using her arcane and alchemical abilities that are connected her families' magic seals given during the first years of birth. As the war progressed for several years Faye sisters were born Jessie who's birth was unexpected just shortly after the death of Jessira; Freya closest friend and trainer. It was then a year later and six months later that Nikia; Faye youngest sister was born. Since the wars progress was becoming more apparent and dangerous Faye responsibilities to both the war effort and her family became more strenuous. Faye took on the duty of watching her sisters and training them when they were old enough to understand their in which they would be assigned. The strain of the war caused various issues with Faye mental and physical abilities trying to keep up with both the injured and the casualties of those who fought. It was a few months before Faye's entire world would crumble that her sister Jessie was kidnapped during an assassination operation against their enemies. Against her own Families wishes Faye entered the war to retrieve her sibling from the overlord Vlad. However when Faye found her sister it was too late, Jessie had been stripped of her ability to feel any emotions even with her past soul being locked away in Jessie subconsciousness, which could only be accessed through her past life. With the devastation of the war burned into Faye young memory the affects had a lasting impression. Without thought or even regret Faye began killing and assassinating those who had betrayed her family. During this curse of madness that affected only females of her bloodline, Faye could not discern those who fought for her family verse those who betrayed them. This madness that affected her so deeply because of the war; Faye family blocked the madness into her own mind to save Faye from the images of death that she herself had brought about. As the tables turned in the war, Freya and her family knew the end was inevitable that their world would soon be destroyed by the wars devastation. In the last battle, Skry's armies one last stand on Vlad's advancing forces it was at this time that the world began to implode under its own destructive weight. As the world began to crumble Faye family opened one of the largest gate seals to the next world being earth, sending their daughters through the other side to safety. Supposedly safe on the other side of the gate it was permanently shut; however anticipating this move Vlad opened a secondary gate sending both his minions and demons through the passage to earth to capture what he so long sought.

Once on Earth. Faye primary duties were to protect her family and to capture and destroy those who had escaped the devastation of the war on their home. Given the mission to destroy those she sought to kill for their betrayal and influence on the humans, Faye had little choice in this matter because of factors outside her control. Faye was later discovered by various government operatives she was threaten with expose for trading various sensitive information in exchange for her talents in undercover operations that others didn't have the skill or ability to handle properly. Under the alias as consultant for a variety of Secret organizations; Faye and her sisters could operate without interruptions from other operatives. With Faye's ability to understand strategic and tactical movements of her opponents she is able to take command of various situations. With the governments involvement Faye is able to move through various countries along with her sisters without being detected by specialized groups looking to stay secretive in their operations. To current date Faye location and missions are kept secret from politicians and government officials because of the sever risk that it presents. The heads of the organizations are the only ones who know their girl's location and operations.  Faye allegiance are unknown to all those in the organization including her sisters; though her skills are somewhat questionable her methods of handling problems yield lasting results. Faye mission is still incomplete to this date.

" Exactly why are we here?", " Don't push it…" " Please just shut your mouth.", " Your kidding me right?" " Your sure about that are you?" " Please…" .

Fun Facts:
- Faye likes to tease and manipulate those who think they are more skilled.
- Is considered on of the daughters of Radu V. The ambassador of Romania, but hardly acts like a proper lady.
- Tends to spend long hours watching the rain.
-  When Faye was a child, her uncle and aunts called her "Ryu" for her stubborn nature.
- Faye loves to go to underground fighting rings to watch the fighters.
- Faye spends time making her own tea and alcoholic brews with her sisters.  
- Likes a challenge many of which she instigates and enjoys playing mental games on others.
The Iron Rose
Original Character Drawn and Digital copyright by Jenny Farney


This is my original character for the book Disillusioned Revelations; Faye Whitefeather. She appears in various works of mine for PURELY testing purposes as to work on her profile and characterization. She pretty much complete still working on some kinks though. She is my oldest character to date and the hardest one to pin down completely for writing purposes because of various details. Hope you like her!

Please keep all personal comments Positive and constructive when you make suggestions to improve this character. I may take offense be warned if I think your comment is harsh and will take time to see it as constructive. No offense it happens to all of us weather we admit this or not.
Life has gotten busy my watchers and friends. I will update when I can.
Hello everyone,

I truly am sorry for my absence School, Medical and various other matters have had my attention for some time. It has not been easy I will be honest for you all. Its been a freaking bloody kiss ass nightmare with all the events.  I am currently in the proccess of planning my Wedding to my beloved future husband Skry.

Now this may leave many of you wondering if I will still be on this site writing drawing and various other arts that I am familiar in. The answer is Yes but rarely will I be on because of these matters. Chemistry I will say is a pain to learn but I am getting the hang of it. I want to also say thank you to everyone that still following my work. When I have time I will be posting more writings and a few changes to some prexisting items. Thank you all.
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From writing to original artworks I spend my time doing research and working on various projects. I have several people I trust but I won't name them all because that would be favoring many of them and I don't need jealous drama.

Thing is I am one of the strange ones, I am creatively logical. Yes I know I am not suppose to exist; However I do so please don't ask how....

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